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  1. BE THOUGHTFUL. If you wouldn't say it during fellowship after the rise of meeting, think about whether to say it here.
  2. BE ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-MISOGYNISTIC, AND ANTI-HOMO/TRANSPHOBIC. Do some positive work toward making this space welcoming to traditionally marginalized folks, and when you're called in, listen.
  3. BE AUTHENTIC. If it's safe for you to do so, please sign up with your real name.
  4. BE INTERESTING AND INTERESTED. Help make Quakers.Social a lively place. Post about your ministry or calling, your spiritiual life, and so on. Plus, on Mastodon there's no algorithm, just boosting and favouriting, so do plenty of both.
  5. BE SAFE. If you say anything here that seems to the moderators to put anyone in any kind of danger, you get one warning, then your account will be disabled.
  6. DON'T VIOLATE ANYONE'S COPYRIGHT. Please see the Quakers.Social DMCA Policy (https://meta.quakers.social/dmca-policy) for more information about what to do if you believe your rights have been infringed or if you have received a request to take down copyrighted material.